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Care Guide

Caring for your Little Fae play mat is simple

  • To clean your play mat, use a mixture of warm water with a gentle detergent, then wipe dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals that contain bleach, ammonia, oil or alcohol to clean your play mat as they may cause damage. Some baby wipes can be harmful and may cause discolouration/removal of the pattern.
  • If you spill water on your play mat, mop it up with a towel or kitchen roll to ensure it isn’t left damp.
  • Avoid sharp objects and putting heavy items on the play mat as it can cause dents and other damage.
  • As much as your pets may love your play mat, be careful with their claws and teeth.
  • Be cautious with pens and crayon as they may stain the play mat.
  • Do not steam clean and avoid other hot objects. Avoid using hoovers with bristle heads as they may scratch the surface.
  • Do not fold up your play mat as it can cause permanent creasing. Only roll it up to store away.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and it isn’t recommended to take your play mat outside.
  • Never let a baby chew the play mat.
  • We recommend you unroll your play mat out in the reverse direction that it was rolled. This will encourage the play mat to flatten quicker. You may need to give it a little step on or a gentle roll in the opposite direction.
  • The material used in the foam of our play mats is used in memory foam, so you need to guide it to go in the direction you want. This is why it may have curling after being rolled up.
  • Discolouration and fading is completely normal because we use non toxic materials, free from bleach and other harmful substances. We recommend rolling your playmat up whilst it isn’t in use. 
  • Have lots of fun with your Little Fae play mat. It is great for yoga too!

Any damage must be reported within 48 hours upon receiving your order.

Any warranty claims must show evidence that the care guide was followed correctly. This is also down to our discretion.