Yoga - Time to Relax

Yoga - Time to Relax

 The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual’s mind and body. It helps manage anxiety, stress as well as helping you unwind and relax. 

I’m sure you will agree with me that over the past two years in particular, life has become more stressful with the uncertainty in the current climate. During lockdown I tried out yoga to help reduce anxiety and surprising it did help. 

Yoga is good for the following:

• Building body confidence

• Increasing flexibility, muscle strength and also body tone

• Improves respiration and energy

• Helps remove negative thoughts 

• Reduces stress and tension in your physical body

• Helps with attention, focus and concentration

• Relaxes you to help you sleep better (see below about a night routine)

Night Yoga

I struggle to sleep because my mind doesn’t always switch off. We all have such busy lives and I researched what could help me sleep better (avoiding medication). I found a really interesting article about doing yoga before going to bed. It helps clear your mind and relax before you go to sleep. Firstly choose the right style of yoga for you to make sure you are feeling relaxed and calm. Ensure you have a clear, comfortable space to practice your yoga; preferably a thick, padded mat (this is where our Little Fae playmats come in handy). Focus on your breathing and if it helps then listen to some yoga music (I found some on Spotify) or anything else that helps you relax. I found that listening to music with lyrics caused distractions and lost my focus. How long you do your yoga for is completely up to you and how you feel but try to stick to a routine. There are many books and video available to help you get started with yoga

Morning Yoga

This is great way to help wake you up and start your day. It is always best to stick to a routine, but do what works best for you. 

No matter what kind of yoga you decide to do, a Little Fae playmat is there to help support you and your body. 

Love, Little Fae