Hospital Bag - What to Pack

Hospital Bag - What to Pack

I found that this was one of the most exciting things I did during my pregnancy because it meant I was getting closer and closer to meeting my baby. I spent the longest time deciding what outfit my baby was going to come home in because it had to be perfect. 

There’s a few things I’m going to mention on here that I only knew about because my sister in law recommended them (I haven’t seen these items listed on the blogs I was looking at). I’m no expert, I’m just going from experience!

Pre made formula bottle

You might have the intention to breastfeed (which I did) but this just gives you some peace of mind in case you cannot do it straight away. You don’t need to worry about sterilising anything because they’re already made up, you just screw the lid on (and obviously take it out the packaging). I used the Cow and Gate ones


Honestly, spend lots of money on your favourite snacks and drinks because I’m sure you’ll be wanting them in the hospital (nothing worse than craving a snack you can’t get in the hospital). Have some energy bars and energy drinks (there are some natural ones if you don’t like caffeine) but you’re going to have to keep your energy up as much as you can. Have some for your birthing partner too so they don’t steal yours! Water bottles are useful too. 

Comfy pillow

I forgot to bring this but this can help you feel more comfortable and at home. Also bring anything that helps you relax and chill out in bed, maybe some earphones or an eye mask. 

Nappies and wipes

Goes without saying but you’d be surprised how many people forget about these. Bring some cotton wool too just in case you need some. 

Baby clothes

Bring with you some sleepsuits/onesies that are easy to do up. I did the mistake of bringing a really complicated onesie that was really difficult to do up and they’re so fragile when they’re first born, I was quite nervous to dress my baby and having a onesie that wasn’t straightforward didn’t help the situation. I would suggest one of those onesies that buttons (pop studs) up from the neck downwards or a zip. Take plenty of spare clothes just in case you need to change baby a few time or have to stay over night for a while. Also remember to pack baby’s going home outfit. 


Take all the muslins you can. I got through so many and then had to use wipes 


All the usual bits you would take with you when going somewhere over night. You will get provided with a towel but I remember how small the towels were, so it might be worth bringing one with you that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty/ stained. Hair bands and lip balm were a life saver! Water spray is quite handy to have too. 


For any electronics you have. This could include batteries for a tens machine. 


Such as music, books, board games, anything that you would like to bring with you 

Bikini top 

In case you would like to go into the birthing pool and want to cover up a bit (completely optional)

Accessories for baby 

Such as scratch mittens, a hat, sock, blanket, vest. 

A mini fan

This was great to have 

Slippers / comfy socks

Hospital notes / birth plan notes 

TENA pants / disposable knickers / nursing pads

Be prepared. Don’t be wearing any fancy knickers because they will get ruined!

Any medication

Clothing for you

Loose fitted clothing and night ware. Think about what you are going to wear while giving birth. 

Car seat

Make sure you are confident with working the car seat and getting it in the car

Little Fae Playmat

They’re perfect for travelling with as you can roll it up and strap together with the Velcro straps it comes with. Our play mats are perfect for getting comfortable on the floor or standing up. You might get quiet fidgety and want to stretch or do a bit of yoga, so why not make sure you’re comfortable with our padded mats. They’re wipeable too, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning up any mess. You can also change baby on there too! Baby can have a wriggle around on your playmat while in the hospital because they’re suitable for newborn plus. 

I hope this was helpful and if you ever want a chat, we are always here on social media or by email.