Different Ways to Use your Playmat

Different Ways to Use your Playmat


There are so many different ways that you can use your Little Fae play mat in your home and here are a few different ways. 


Yoga and other work outs can be done on Little Fae playmats because they’re padded and a great size for doing so. You can roll your playmat up and take it with you to any classes you have.

Potty Training

This is a fantastic thing to put down whilst trying to do potty training because any accidents can be cleaned up. I am currently at this stage and this is excellent for it (it is one less thing to worry about).

Tummy time

Our play mats are approved for newborn plus, so you can use them from day one and tummy time is ideal to be done on our Playmats.  


Eating snacks on because it’s really easy to clear up any crumbs or spillages. It’s a bit like a fancy picnic blanket! 


I am sure that this is the most obvious one. You can even get all the toys into the middle of the playmat and tip them back into your toy basket. They also make great nursery accessories.


Our playmats are really good backdrops for photos of your little ones!

Nap time

Our play mats are comfy enough to have a nap on. I have tried it a few times myself. 

Messy play 

For worry free play. Just avoid things such as biros and sharpe pens. 

First steps/ learning to sit up

Perfect play to try out those first few steps because if your little one falls over then they have a padded playmat to land  on. This is the same for learning to sit up.


Our playmats are designed to compliment your home interior, so why not use it as a rug?

Travelling With

Our playmats are light and easy to travel with because you can roll them up with the velcro straps included.

Lots of love,

Little Fae x